C++ Templates
The   Complete   Guide

David Vandevoorde and Nicolai M. Josuttis

If you only buy one new C++ book this year, this should be it.
Josh Walker, ACCU member
In a book review for the ACCU

This is an important book, and long overdue in the C++ world.
Marc Briand, former Editor-in-Chief of C/C++ Users Journal
In a book review for the C/C++ Users Journal

In short: The template bible has been written. Study it.
Max Khesin, CVISION Technologies, LLC
In an Amazon.com book review

This book seems to be excellent. It's so good, I think I've decided to abandon my own plans for a book on templates! Please send the authors my compliments for a fine piece of work.
Steve Dewhurst, Semantics Consulting, Inc.

Anyway, great book. I learned a few things that I had no inkling of before, just on a casual reading of the first few chapters... It looks like this is another must-have book for people who want to understand all of C++. (Not that that's possible, except for perhaps half a dozen people or so. I'll bet more people understand General Relativity :-)
Hyman Rosen, comp.lang.c++.moderated

I have spent many happy geek hours with this draft. I wonder how many projects will take temporary hits when engineers read this book and comprehend how much better their code can be.
Allan Ramacher, Reviewer

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