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C++ Templates
All you needed to know about templates, but never wanted to ask...
(Co-authored with Nicolai M. Josuttis)
C++ Solutions
Answers to selected questions proposed in Bjarne Stroustrup's
The C++ Programming Language (3rd ed.).

The Maximal Rectangle Problem
Published in the April 1998 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.
How to find a maximal rectangle of ones in a 2D array of ones and zeros?
Years later I found out that my algorithm is now commonly used in computer vision applications. The article is apparently also popular material for “algorithims” classes (which is justice, given that it resulted from digging deeper in my assignment in such a class).
Others... be retrieved from archives.
(I wrote some papers in the early 1990s on the restoration of images blurred by flawed optical systems. My contributions were the reduction in boundary effects, and I hear that became popular topic again later on.)

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